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A few years ago, I was looking to add to my "Toolbox". I called a colleague to ask about training for Hypnotherapy. My friend said "Yes, Hypnotherapy has been great, but have you heard of Tapping?" "It is amazing". I had not heard of Tapping and immediately began researching. Although I was a bit skeptical, I decided to attend a Level 1 training. As soon as I understood what EFT was and experienced it, I knew it was something special. I continue to be amazed everyday by the results that can occur thru Tapping. On a personal note, Tapping sessions took away a phobia I had for over 20 years. And when I suffered a loss and was experiencing profound grief, Tapping was the only thing that gave me relief.

I continued with the training process and became certified as an EFT Practitioner, then an advanced Practitioner and now I am a Trainer of EFT. I volunteered as an Emotional Assistant (EA) for the Newtown Trauma Relief Project, and several other EFT Training's taught by my trainer and mentor, Jade Barbee (International Master Trainer of Trainers). I continue to connect with and learn from other EFT practitioners and Trainers. I recently completed a Picture Tapping Training ( A combination of Art Therapy and EFT) taught by Philip Davis of the UK.

I have no doubt that EFT found me and it has changed my professional practice as well as my personal way of being. 

Location: 322 Main St.

Building #2 Suite 1-U

Willimantic Ct.

Mon - Fri: 9AM - Client Need

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